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Our fusion splicer systems inc.fusion splicer, fiber optic cleaver, electrode & cleaver blade. Also we are the agent of Fujikura, Sumitomo, EXFO products, and we have our own factory producing fiber testers.

Fiber Optic Cleaver TE550G fiber fusion splicer cleaver


Bare fiber diameter 125μm

Outercoat diameter

Fiber type Single tube fiber and Ribbon fiber (exchangeable)
Cleaver length 5-20mm
Cleaver angle 0.5º
Blade life 48000
Mode Semi automatic
Dimension 59mm(W)x55(D)mmx49mm(H)
Weight  258g

Usage and safety regulation

1.      Before using optical fiber cleaver, please read this manual carefully;

2.      Be cautious to use cleaver in case harm;

3.      Do not touch the blade with hand when use or repair optical fiber cleaver;

4.      Do not take down or oil cleaver;

5.      Keep optical fiber cleaver away from humid and dusty environment。

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