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TECO OTDRs: TE800 can work for both SM & MM on one unit with VFL; TE300 SM OTDR small size with factory price,OEM service provided

The optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) TE300 is a high-performance and highly cost-effective optical network, ease of use, high intelligence, and one-click automatic rapid test. In addition,  this instrument is small in size. It has powerful functions and can be powered by batteries. The operation interface is simple and friendly. The testing personnel can operate the OTDR by using the touch screen or keypad, adapting to the operation habits of different testing personnel.

Touch screen+keypad, easy to operate Large-capacity polymer lithium battery supporting continuous
operation of more than 10 hours
Supporting data exchange between the SD card and USB flash drive
One-click red-light switch-on function
Solid shell design, dustproof and shockproof
Small, light, and portable


Model TE300
Dynamic (1) 32/30dB
Wavelength (±20 nm) 1310/1550
Display 3.5' TFT LCD touch screen
Light source type LD
Optical interface FC/UPC
Distance range (km) 0.3,1,3,5,10,30,60,120
Pulse width (ns)


Measurement duration 15s,30s,1min,2min,3min
Attenuation dead zone (2) 10m
Event dead zone 1.8m
Distance measurement precision ±(1 m + 5 x 10-5 x Distance + Sampling interval)
Data storage > 60000 test traces
Communication interface USB
VFL Wavelength 650nm
Output power (dBm) ≥ -3
Test distance (km) 3
Optical Communications Test YES

Standard Package

Name Quantity Remarks
CD 1 Including PC software and user manual
Manufacturer's Certificate Warranty 1  
TE300 OTDR 1  
SD card 1 2G
Power Adapter 1 15V/1.0A
Carry Bag 1  

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